Shoulder Months - The Best Time to Save on Energy Bills

The Best Time to Save on Energy Bills

March 14, 2018

Understanding Shoulder Months

When thinking about the best time to lock in a fixed price for Natural Gas or Electricity supply, you need to understand what a shoulder month is. During the Spring (March/April) and Fall (September/October), we traditionally see the lowest usage of gas and electric for the average user. The weather isn’t cold enough to turn on the furnace just yet, but it’s also not warm enough to have the air conditioner running. Thus, with this lower demand for the commodity, we typically see a decrease in Energy Futures prices.

Energy rates are determined monthly, which is directly affected by supply & demand and weather. Just like any other product, increased demand and limited supply for energy can substantially increase the cost. As long as demand increases and supply remains the same, energy costs will increase.

When is the best time to save on energy bills?

In the video below, our energy consultant Kevin Clough breaks down the topic shoulder months and why they’re a good time to consider renewing your energy contracts. This is especially important for commercial and business customers to consider because it can make a big difference in your energy costs.

It’s best to ride variable rates during the winter and summer, but you can save more in the spring and fall by locking-in fixed rates when prices drop.

Lock in Your Rate for 12 or 24 Months

EnergyMark offers a fixed rate plan that locks in one low rate which protects you from these volatile energy costs. You get a guaranteed price by locking in the same rate for a 12 or 24 month period. When energy costs increase, your rate will remain the same – and you don’t have to worry about the volatility of the energy market.

Right now, we are entering the Spring shoulder month period, where you have the opportunity to find your best value and lock in a fixed price for a given term.

Learn more about fixed vs. variable rates and how to save.