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Emergency Services

If you smell gas, have downed power lines or are having any type of emergency related to your gas or electric, please call 911.

Service Outages & Questions About Billing

To report a service outage, or if you have questions about your energy bill, please call your local utility company, whose phone numbers are listed below.

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If you’re looking to connect your utility account to EnergyMark, you can easily self-serve through our connect form. Click on the button below.

Utility Phone Numbers


National Fuel – Emergency Number

NIMO/National Grid
(716) 832-2400

Rochester (RG&E)
(800) 295-7323

NY State Department of Public Service ESCO Hotline

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who will deliver my energy?

    Your utility will continue to deliver the natural gas that you purchase from EnergyMark through their utility-owned pipes and meters. You will continue to receive the same service that you are accustomed to. Your utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, respond to any emergencies, and provide you with a complete bill that lists EnergyMark as your supplier.

  • Now that I’ve switched, how can I pay my bill online?

    You will continue paying your bill online the same, as always, through your utility company website.

    The utility pays EnergyMark for the supply portion. The only change you will see to your bill is EnergyMark will be shown as your energy supplier on your bill.

  • How will I be billed?

    Your billing will remain constant, and you will continue to receive one bill from your utility company, combining EnergyMark’s supply and your utility’s delivery fees. You will continue to write just one check to your utility for all of your energy costs. The utility pays EnergyMark for the supply portion. The only change you will see to your bill is EnergyMark will be shown as your energy supplier on your bill.

  • How are my rates determined now?

    If you are currently not on a program with an Energy Services Company (ESCO) like EnergyMark, you are paying the regulated utility rate for natural gas. Natural gas rates are determined monthly which is directly affected by supply & demand and weather.

  • Why are energy costs likely to rise?

    Just like any other product, increased demand and limited supply for energy can substantially increase the cost of energy around the world. As long as demand increases and supply remains the same, you can expect increasing energy costs.

  • Will I be switching suppliers?

    Yes, EnergyMark will now be listed as your supplier on your bill. There are no fees to switch to EnergyMark. You can trust this local supply, brought directly from the producers’ local wells. EnergyMark supply is backed by on-system storage and firm transportation for secure, stable supply.

  • How do I connect my account?

    You can sign up through:

    1. The easiest way is by connecting your account online.
    2. Calling us directly at (716) 632-1800,
    3. One of our contractors, active in Western New York neighborhoods