We Have the Energy.

You Have the Power.


You can choose who you buy your natural gas and electricity from.


It’s delivered the same way from the utility,
but at a guaranteed lower cost.


We Compete to Save You Money.

Your energy is delivered the same way from the utility company — but at a lower price.

Supply vs. Delivery

Energy supply and delivery are different.
We provide our customers the supply of electricity and natural gas.

Buy & Sell Direct

We buy electricity and natural gas directly from local producers, and sell it at a lower price to save you money.

Guaranteed Cost Savings

We offer guaranteed savings on energy supply. Also, you save on many of the taxes and fees that the utility company charges.

Watch this 90 second video to learn how EnergyMark saves you money.

The Same Bill, but

Less Expensive

Our locally-based team of energy experts will help you save on your gas and electric bills for your home or business — guaranteed.


  • Interruption in service
  • Sales tax on delivery
  • Fees to switch


Learn more about how EnergyMark can help you save on energy costs.

Utility Company

PAY NYS Gross Receipt Tax
(Natural Gas)

PAY Merchant Function Charge


NO NYS Gross Receipt Tax
(Natural Gas)

NO Merchant Function Charge

+ SAME delivery, meter, and
emergency service

+ NO fees to switch

Electricity & Natural Gas for
Home, Business & Industry

We provide electricity and natural gas to thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial customers
throughout Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Community Solar

Enjoy 10% Guaranteed savings with Community Solar credits applied to your electric bill when you connect your electric account to EnergyMark.

Switching to clean energy – and saving money – has never been easier

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