Bills Fans, Connect Your Utility to EnergyMark and Save Up to 20%

How It Works

Connecting your utilities to EnergyMark does a few things to save you money on your gas and electric bills:

  • EnergyMark enrolls you to be connected to a local community solar project. Solar credits are automatically applied to your electric bill, saving you roughly 10%.
  • EnergyMark lowers your electric & natural gas supply rates. Your supply will come from EnergyMark rather than the utility company. Your electricity & gas will still be delivered to your house via your current utility, just at a guaranteed lower rate. This typically saves you around 10%.

What is EnergyMark?

EnergyMark is a local Energy Service Company, or ESCO. We are based in Williamsville, NY and have been serving the area for over a decade. In that time, we’ve maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Why EnergyMark + Community Solar?

EnergyMark works with local community solar developers to place your account in a community solar program that benefits you best. Unlike other community solar programs, we no longer need your bank account info, as agreements with the utility company to place credits directly on your bill.

Connect Your Account

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