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Budget Billing

Learn how budget billing works, what your options are and what will happen after switching to EnergyMark.

I am currently enrolled in budget billing, what will happen once I switch to EnergyMark?

If you are currently on a budget billing plan with another supplier or the utility, you may receive a settlement for your budget bill balance on your next bill.

What will happen if I enroll in a budget billing plan with EnergyMark?

If you decide to enroll in a budget billing plan with EnergyMark, we will look at your last 12 months usage and estimate an average monthly bill to use for your budget billing.


If you are currently enrolled in budget billing with your utility or service provider, and choose to not continue with budget billing, they may calculate a settlement amount and apply it to your next invoice.

What is Budget Billing?

Budget Billing allows your to enjoy a consistent and predictable monthly payment throughout the year that eliminates monthly or seasonal variation.

Budget Billing spreads the costs evenly month to month by charging a pre-arranged amount with each bill. Your monthly bill payment is based on your usage during the last 12 months, however, your actual usage will still appear on your bill.