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With EnergyMark, your natural gas is delivered the same way from your utility company, but at a lower price. We help you save by buying directly from the producers and supplying it to you at a lower rate. Also, you save on many of the taxes and free that utility companies charge. We can guarantee you savings on your natural gas bill.

The index for electric is NYMEX, which is, the published based prices for natural gas readily available to you on a public website. EnergyMark base pricing is totally transparent as we use standard NYMEX Natural Gas prices plus adder. Some suppliers do not use the standard base price in an attempt to make their offer appear lower.

Our energy experts will work with you and for you on a customized natural gas solution that is tailored to your business. With our commitment to dependable service and mitigation of price volatility, you can rest assured knowing that you have a partner dedicated to the success of your business.

We Buy Directly from Producers &

Supply it to You at a Lower Rate.

Keeping You Informed

When comparing offers from Energy Service companies (ESCOs), it is helpful for you to know what EnergyMarks’s supply charges for electricity and natural gas are.

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Bear in mind the prices given here do not include energy delivery charges, which are regulated, stable, and apply whether you receive your energy supply from EnergyMark or an ESCO. Also, EnergyMark does not profit from energy supply costs or our energy purchasing services. Payments toward the supply portion of your energy bill are passed along to the companies that provide the supply of gas and electricity that EnergyMark delivers.

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