EnergyMark Sponsors Lionfish Exhibit in Niagara Falls, NY

EnergyMark Sponsors Lionfish Exhibit

October 18, 2017

EnergyMark, a Williamsville, NY based energy supply company, to sponsor Lionfish exhibit.

“Support from companies like EnergyMark help us continually maintain and improve the experience for our guests,” stated Joseph Weickart, Director of Development. “It’s great to have a partner who understands and supports our mission of educating the public on the critical role of marine life.”

“We live and work in the same communities we serve, so it’s always been important for us to find ways to give back,” said Gary Marchiori, president of EnergyMark. “Sponsoring an important institution like the Aquarium was a great opportunity to support our local community.”

Marchiori added, “Supporting the environment is part of our company’s culture. Our locally-sourced energy reduces the distance it has to travel to reach people, and our EverGreen electricity is a 100% renewable option that’s generated from solar and wind. We even power our Wiliamsville headquarters with 32KW of rooftop solar to help offset our own carbon footprint.”

Lionfish are native to the Indo-Pacific oceans, known for their venomous spines and spectacular beauty. They are the most popular and photographed fish at the Aquarium.