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EnergyMark’s President Thrives on Volatility — and so Has His Company

June 4, 2024

EnergyMark's president thrives on volatility — and so has his company

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by Jacob Tierney

Reporter, Buffalo Business First


In a time of immense change for the energy sector, EnergyMark President Gary Marchiori knows the importance of flexibility.

He employs it in his office, where he emphasizes a relatively flat team structure and minimizes meetings.

He also employs it in his business model. While EnergyMark got its start selling both liquid fuel and natural gas, the company has diversified into electricity and renewables, like solar.

It recently started offering energy consulting services, working with companies to help them manage their utility costs. This business has the added benefit of being shielded from the sometimes-wild swings of the energy market.

Marchiori spent more than a decade working with National Fuel and six years at Texaco Natural Gas.

He founded Noco Energy Marketing in 2002, selling the company to Constellation New Energy in 2006. With EnergyMark, founded in 2010, Marchiori said he wanted to combine the know-how of the big companies with the flexibility of a small operation. 

In addition to his energy work, Marchiori has also developed commercial and multi-family real estate.

Though EnergyMark has embraced renewable energy, Marchiori is a strong proponent of natural gas playing a central role in New York’s energy economy for the foreseeable future. He opposes the state’s recent push to eliminate natural gas in favor of an all-renewable grid, saying these moves will hurt energy reliability while adding significant costs for consumers.

Sticking to EnergyMark’s strength while broadening the company’s growth in practical, manageable ways have been key to the company’s success over the last 24 years, and will continue to drive EnergyMark moving forward.


Power 250 rank: 239

Priorities when hiring: Ability to communicate, and enthusiasm and drive.

People don’t know: I’m a true environmentalist and landscaper. I enjoy maintaining plants, trees and the physical beauty of nature.

Biggest goal for 24: Growing out the non-risk side of our business, which is energy consulting.

Travel plans: One after the other, the Finger Lakes and then Sicily.

Favorite subject in high school: Social studies.

When I’m not working, I’m: Skiing and gardening

Where to look for talent: Local colleges, especially the University at Buffalo and St. Bonaventure University

As a boss, I have a: Casual style with high expectations

Advice for your 25-year-old-self: Follow your instincts.

With a magic wand, what New York state mandates would you eliminate? In energy policy, a more consumer-friendly and long-term goal-setting in New York State.

With another magic wand, what would you change about working in Western New York? Smaller governments and more responsive governments.

When dealing with clients, I: Keep in mind their needs and practical solutions for them.

Most amazing part of the job: The benefit of volatility. Every day presents a different picture of a commodity price and a forward look at energy, which I think is the building block of most pricing of any product in the U.S. The strength of the U.S. is in energy strength.