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Power your home or business with 100% renewable electricity generated from American wind and solar sources.


We are proud to offer commercial and residential customers with products and services that can reduce environmental impact and generate long-term local and global environmental benefits.

With EverGreen Electric, there’s no change in how your electricity is delivered to your home or business, and you’ll continue to receive the same bill from the utility company.

However, the electric supply is generated from 100% renewable wind and solar sources here in the US.

EverGreen Electric is one of the easiest and most practical ways of contributing to a sustainable future. Whether in your home or business, EverGreen Electric is a fantastic way to show that you care about reducing your carbon footprint and support our environment.

We have the Energy, but

You Have the Power to Make a Difference

Green Power is Clean Power

Today you can buy some or all of your electricity as Green Power. Green Power is electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biomass and hydropower.
You have the power to choose Green Power and make a world of difference for generations to come. All for just a few cents more a day. And you can be confident that while you’re helping safeguard our natural resources, your utility will still deliver your electricity safely and reliably.

Green Power:

  • Produces fewer environmental impacts than fossil fuel energy
  • Helps to diversify the fuel supply and contributes to more stable energy prices
  • Reduces use of imported fossil fuels, keeping dollars spent on energy in the state’s economy
  • Creates jobs and helps the economy by spurring investments in environmentally-friendly facilities
  • Creates healthier air quality and helps to reduce respiratory illness

Environmental Disclosure: Making an Informed Choice

One of the major benefits of introducing competition into the energy industry is that it gives customers greater choice.
New York State residents now have access to information that enables them to take into account the environmental impacts of the energy they purchase. Electric customers throughout the state receive an Environmental Disclosure Label in their electric bill twice every 12 months. The labels show the mix of fuels used to generate the electricity purchased and the related air emissions. Knowledge about electricity generation, fuel sources, and their environmental impacts will help consumers make informed choices.

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