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Our guaranteed savings plans are the perfect way for you to save on your everyday electric bills. Fixed rate plans – when available – are ideal for customers who like to keep an eye on current market conditions.

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Staying cool during those warm and muggy summer days can be a challenge. No one wants to pay to run the air-conditioning all day long, but sometimes you have no choice.

Don’t worry though, when you switch to EnergyMark, you guaranteed to pay less to keep cool.

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When comparing offers from Energy Service companies (ESCOs), it is helpful for you to know what EnergyMarks’s supply charges for electricity and natural gas are.

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Bear in mind the prices given here do not include energy delivery charges, which are regulated, stable, and apply whether you receive your energy supply from EnergyMark or an ESCO. Also, EnergyMark does not profit from energy supply costs or our energy purchasing services. Payments toward the supply portion of your energy bill are passed along to the companies that provide the supply of gas and electricity that EnergyMark delivers.

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