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Connect your account to all three of our services by Sunday, October 12th for a chance to win two free tickets to an upcoming Bills game! To top it off, expect to save up to 20% each year on your energy costs!

One winner will be announced on Monday, October 18th.


Let the Numbers do the Talking.

This is a sample of historical data collected by the NYS Department of Public Services that highlights the savings our Natural Gas customers enjoyed over the last two years.

EnergyMark vs. National Fuel

Est. Avg. Monthly Supply Cost

During this period EnergyMark customers saved $64.71

Source: NYS Power to Choose
This chart is based on the average supply price paid by residential customers only.

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How It Works

EnergyMark lowers your electric & natural gas supply rates. Your energy supply will come from EnergyMark, but it will still be delivered to your house the same way from the utility company, just at a lower rate.

The utility company will continue to deliver your energy, read your meter, respond to any emergencies, and provide you with a complete bill that lists EnergyMark as your supplier.

By connecting your utilities with EnergyMark, you’re saving money AND switching to clean energy. It’s so easy, it only takes you a few minutes!

Enter for the chance to win TWO tickets to an upcoming Bills game:

As the official energy supplier to the Buffalo Bills, allow us to help you hey-ey-ey-ey your way to an upcoming Bills game.

Connect your utilities with EnergyMark electric, gas, and Community Solar, and you’ll be entered to win two tickets to an upcoming Bills game! Please note, in order to qualify for the free tickets, you have to connect to all three services: electric, natural gas, and community solar.

Connect to EnergyMark by October 12, 2021 for your chance to win!

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