Go Green for Good

10% Guaranteed savings with Community Solar credits applied to your electric bill.

Switching to clean energy – and saving money – has never been more simple.

In just minutes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and your electric bill, all while supporting the development of community solar projects right here in Western New York.

Connect Your Account to Community Solar

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Before you begin, make sure you have the account number for the utility you’re switching, which can be found on your bill.


How It Works

traditional energy

Traditional Energy

Electricity generated from traditional sources is fed to the electrical grid, which powers homes and businesses.

traditional energy

Solar Farm

The Solar Farm is a large solar array that generates electricity from the sun, and feeds it into the electrical grid.

traditional energy

The Electrical Grid

The electrical grid brings all the electricity – both traditional and solar generated – to homes and businesses in the area.

traditional energy

Community Solar Credits

Members of the Solar Community earn credits from the solar farm that are automatically applied to their bill.

traditional energy

Your Electric Bill

Each month, Solar Community members enjoy a 10% savings on their electric bill from the solar credits they’ve earned.

Common Questions

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