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When I Connect to EnergyMark, What Changes?

January 9, 2023

what changes with energymark

So, you’re thinking about connecting your business to EnergyMark.

Understandably, you want to know what exactly changes when you work with us as your energy supplier.

Not much changes when you connect- you’ll still get reliable energy, delivered to you in the same way. The only changes you see are positive ones, like lower energy bills and better customer service.

Your Rate

When you work with our energy experts, we get the same resources for a lower rate and return the savings back to you.

We help our clients save because we buy electricity and natural gas directly from local producers. Each month, utility companies publicly post their supply rates, and we simply set ours below theirs. In addition, we remove many of the taxes and fees the utility company charges. Then, we sell the energy to you at a lower price.

On average, our customers save 10% on their energy bills.

There are no fees to switch, and your contract is on a month-to-month basis.

Fixed vs Variable Rates

When you connect to Energymark, our energy experts will work alongside you to recommend the plan that works best for you. In the energy world, you have two pricing options: a FIXED rate and a VARIABLE rate plan.

Variable Rate

With variable rate plans, the cost of your energy will vary each month, just as your current utility bill does.

However, EnergyMark’s Guaranteed Savings Plans ensure that your annual costs will be lower by receiving your supply from EnergyMark, instead of the utility company.

Fixed Rate

Energy rates are determined monthly, which is directly affected by supply & demand and weather. Just like any other commodity, increased demand and limited supply of energy can increase the cost. As long as demand increases and supply remains the same, energy costs will increase.

Commercial clients may consider fixed-rate pricing. Please contact an EnergyMark representative to learn more.

To learn more about the difference between fixed and variable pricing, check out this blog post: How Can You Save on Energy Costs? Fixed vs. Variable Rate Plans.

Learn more about our plans and take control of your energy bill.

Your Customer Service

EnergyMark has a lot of experience as a gas and electricity supplier. We have decades of experience in the energy industry.

We have worked with many notable commercial and small businesses.

Some of our well-known customers are the Buffalo Bills, St. Bonaventure University, and Kaleida Health.

Our experienced staff is fully prepared to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions.

Here are a few kind words from satisfied customers:

“The only WNY supplier with a Guaranteed Savings on both Gas and Electric —I’ve saved for a decade with them after paying 2X the price with a couple other WNY suppliers. Most claim savings—but no other guarantees.”

“Pretty simple, they cut energy costs. Great company. Awesome employees.”

Now that you see what changes when you connect to EnergyMark, you can get started today. If you are curious about what stays the same when you do business with us, check out this blog: When I Connect to EnergyMark, What Stays the Same?