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When I Connect to EnergyMark, What Stays the Same?

January 9, 2023

When you connect to EnergyMark, how you get your energy mostly remains the same. That’s because EnergyMark is an energy supplier. Energy supply and delivery are separate. We provide the physical commodity of electricity and natural gas – it’s delivered the same way.

Read on to learn more about what stays the same when you connect. To learn more about what changes, read this blog: When I Connect to EnergyMark, What Changes?

Your Energy Service

There will be no interruption in your electricity or natural gas service. You will experience no outages as the energy supply switches to us. We will give you a notice when the change is complete for your peace of mind.

The Energy Delivery

Your local utility company will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas. Our energy will go through existing pipes and grids. You will not need to worry about any new pipe or grid installations. The charges for your delivery services will remain the same.

The Energy Equipment

All of your energy equipment such as wires, pipelines, meters, and transformers will remain where they are. We do not need to make any physical modifications because your energy is delivered through the same distribution system operated by your utility company. When you have a problem, such as a power outage, you still call the utility company to fix it like you always have.

Your Bill

You will still receive your bill as you have in the past, which is sent from the utility company. Your bill will include EnergyMark’s supply charges separated from the utility’s delivery charges.

The Upkeep

Your utility company will continue to service all energy equipment – such as meters, wires, and pipelines – as well as address power outages or gas interruptions. They also fix power lines and gas pipes if there is an outage or a storm, regardless of your energy supplier.

When you connect with EnergyMark, you’ll notice that not much changes. That’s because you are simply changing the physical supply of where your energy comes from, not your delivery system. If you want to start saving money today, connect your utility with Energymark.