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If you are interested in saving money for your Central New York business, EnergyMark can help improve your bottom line with direct natural gas and electric. Our energy consultants will work with you to develop a plan to mitigate risk, stabilize your budgets, and lock in rates when the market conditions are favorable.

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Is it time to switch your energy supplier?
It may be time to connect to EnergyMark if…

You’re looking for a fixed-rate energy plan

Does the unpredictable nature of volatile energy markets and varying bills make it hard to manage your energy budgets?

Connecting to an EnergyMark energy consultant can help you select a fixed-rate plan so that you lock-in your energy supply rate, which will remain stable for the length of your contract.

You’re looking for reasonably-priced options

Are you in the market for a more affordable plan that works better with your budget?

Switching energy suppliers may offer an opportunity to select a new plan that is more cost effective or more competitive. We can also audit your current plan to ensure you aren’t paying unnecessary taxes or fees.

You’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint

Many businesses these days have “green” or environmentally focused initiatives.

EnergyMark can show you options for renewable-energy options, including community solar and Renewable Energy Credits, or RECs.

You’re unhappy with your current provider

Have you not heard from your current supplier recently? Are you looking for better customer service, different plan options, or a lower rate?

Energy markets are constantly changing, if you haven’t gotten an update from your supplier in more than a year, it’s probably time to reevaluate your strategy.

With EnergyMark, you can compare providers and plans and we will help you choose a new energy plan that works best for you.
When I Connect to EnergyMark,

What Changes?

Your Rate

When you work with our energy experts, we get the same resources for a lower rate and return the savings back to you.

Your Customer Service

EnergyMark has decades of experience working as a business gas and electricity supplier.

We have worked with many notable commercial and small businesses. Our expert staff is fully prepared to walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you may have.

When I Connect to EnergyMark,

What Stays the Same?

Your Energy Service

There will be no interruption in your electricity or natural gas service.

The Energy Delivery

Your local utility company will continue to deliver your electricity and natural gas. The charges for your delivery services will remain the same.

The Energy Equipment

All of your energy equipment such as wires, pipelines, meters, and transformers will remain where they are. We do not need to make any physical modifications because your energy is delivered through the same distribution system operated by your utility company.

Your Bill

You will still receive your bill as you have in the past. Your bill will include EnergyMark’s supply charges and the utility’s delivery charges.

The Upkeep

Your utility company will continue to service all energy equipment - such as meters, wires, and pipelines - as well as address power outages.

What Local Businesses are Saying About EnergyMark

“EnergyMark’s expertise and provocative efforts have been a great addition to the Buffalo Bills team. With strategic purchases of natural gas and electricity through EnergyMark and a fixed price agreement, we are shielded from current market volatility. The result has been budget stability and significant monthly savings.”

Executive Director of Stadium Operation, Buffalo Bills

“The Aurubis Buffalo manufacturing facility has worked with EnergyMark for several years, creating cost-saving strategies and controlling our energy spend. This has resulted in over $2.3 million in savings so far in 2022 and helped avoid recent energy price spikes.”

- Aurubis

“Working closely with the energy experts at EnergyMark while closely monitoring energy rates, Rochester District Heating Cooperative, Inc. purchased natural gas futures in 2019 for our 2023 and 2024 needs. These extremely market friendly rates allow us to provide competitive and cost-effective energy and rate stability for our customers (members) for the next few years, even during this period of unprecedented rising costs and volatility in the energy markets.”

Rochester District Heating Cooperative

““EnergyMark has guided Artisan Works to maximize savings on our energy supply services. We are grateful for the expertise and proactive efforts to control this volatile expense””

Artisan Works

Todd Storie, EnergyMarkMeet Todd Storie

Energy Advisor – Central New York

Born and raised in Syracuse, Todd Storie earned his Bachelors Degree in Communications from SUNY Cortland.

In his role with EnergyMark, Todd works as an energy advisor to current and new clients in the Central NY and Southern Tier regions to provide energy expertise to local businesses and residential clients.

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