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What is community solar and how does it work?

March 14, 2019

What is community solar?

Community solar is a large solar array that enables residents and businesses to take advantage of solar energy without having to invest in a rooftop or ground mounted solar installation on their property. Participants benefit from the electricity generated by the solar farm in the form of credits that are placed on their bill.

How does community solar benefit you?

The main benefits of participating in a community solar project are financial. A community solar project will give you credits on your bill for the project’s production. Those credits will then be used to offset your electric usage directly on your utility bill. Participants will typically save 10%, depending on their average electric usage.

How does community solar benefit your community?

In addition to personal benefits, there are indirect benefits of community solar projects that apply to the entire region. Those benefits can be:

Projects create high paying jobs that are typically fulfilled by local developers and solar installation companies.
Projects are often strategically located on former state or federally owned land that currently produces no tax revenue. Projects are privately owned, therefore will generate tax revenue for your community.
The savings to individual participants (you) often stay in your community. Simply put, by paying less for your energy, you will be able to spend the money you save however you choose.

How does community solar benefit our environment?

Along with the financial benefits, there are the environmental benefits. By participating in community solar you’ll be helping reduce pollution created by traditional energy sources, improving our overall air quality and health.

Does my property qualify for community solar?

Homeowners, non-profits, and small businesses are all great candidates for community solar. Participating members must be served by the same utility as the solar farm. Since community solar projects are continuously being developed, we encourage you to create an account and check eligibility here.