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If you are interested in saving money for your business, EnergyMark can help improve your bottom line with direct natural gas and electric.

Our energy consultants will work with you to develop a plan to mitigate risk, stabilize your budgets, and lock in rates when the market conditions are favorable.

How Does EnergyMark Work?

By connecting your utility accounts, you’re lowering the supply charges on your gas and electric bills.We do this by competing with other energy companies to drive down prices.

Here’s our President, Gary Marchiori, with more on how EnergyMark works:

Supply vs. Delivery

Energy supply and delivery are separate.We provide the supply of electricity and natural gas – its delivered the same way.

Buy & Sell Direct

We help customers save because we buy electricity and natural gas directly from producers and sell it at a lower price.

Guaranteed Annual Savings

We help you save through rates and the elimination of many of the taxes and fees the utility company charges.


Let the Numbers do the Talking.

This is a sample of historical data collected by the NYS Department of Public Services that highlights the savings our Natural Gas customers enjoyed over the last two years.

EnergyMark vs. National Fuel

Est. Avg. Monthly Supply Cost

During this period EnergyMark customers saved $64.71

Source: NYS Power to Choose
This chart is based on the average supply price paid by residential customers only.

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We provide electricity and natural gas to thousands of residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout Western New York and Northwestern Pennsylvania.


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